Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

(2) Why to Control Pests?


MOSQUITOES: Mosquitoes apart from causing nuisance to mankind play a major role in the transmission of more human diseases than any other arthropods. Mosquitoes breed in various types of water habitats ranging from clean water collections to organic polluted waters depending on the species. Adult male feed on nectar form plants. Female mosquitoes require blood meal for egg production. Because female mosquitoes feed on blood, disease causing pathogens (e.g. malaria parasite) can be transmitted from person to person on in some cases (e.g. arboviruses) from animals to man via vector mosquitoes. Malaria, Arboviruses (e.g. Dengue fever, Yellow fever & the Encephalitic viruses) are the common diseases spread by the various species of Mosquitoes.

HOUSE FLIES (MUSCA DOMESTICA): These flies are called house flies because of their close association with man. Flies carry many pathogens (Viruses, bacteria, protozoa, helminth, eggs, etc.) and transmit diseases like Cholera, conjunctivitis, Diarrhoeal disease, etc. Important breeding sites of these flies are dung of domestic animals and birds, garbage, open sewage drains, decaying grass clippings or garden compost.

COCKROACHES: Common species associated with man are Blattella Germanica (the German cockroach), Blatta orientais (the Oriental cockroach) Periplaneta Americana (the American Cockroach). They are loathsome pests, spreading filth and running food, fabrics and book bindings. They also technically transmit pathogenic bacteria including those of diarroeal diseases. They regurgitate food thereby contaminating the surface on which they crawl.

RATS: Norway Rats, Roof Rats, House mouse are common Rats and having different habits and habitant or their survival and accordingly rats cannot be contrtolled. If a qualified agency is not involved.


Hantavirus is a virus primarily carried and transmitted by white footed deer mouse. It is contracted by inhaling virus contaminated droppings and urine soaked dust.

Salmonella or food poisoning affects the stomach and intestines of human, causing diarrhea, vomiting and stomach cramps. Food or feed contaminated with rodent feces or dropping and urine made spread the disease.

Trichinosis is an infection of intestines and muscles by tiny little worms and it is frequently associated with under cooked pork and any human being may develop this disease by accidentally eating of infested copping.

Rat - Bite Fever or leptospirosis fever may cause to the biting especially to helpless infants and adults. Leptospirosis is cause of urine contamination.

Plague is the “black death” which during the middle age, killed millions of people in Europe, Asia and Africa. No serious out breaks of plague have occurred due to house mice or rat since 1924. However wild rodents in Western parts of the world still carries the bacteria from the other rodents by the biting of fleas. People can get plague by infested rodent or when bitten by an infested flea.

TERMITES: Termite is a very common soil insect that can cause serious damage to wood structure, wood products, paper products, carpets, buildings and crops. It spreads fungal diseases, although termites behave as a beneficial insect also being proteins and helps a good aireation.     << Previouss     Next >>